Dogs of True: Lady

Meet Lady, assistant party planner and one of our many #DogsOfTrue!

Lady (3)

Name: Lady Lou Martin

Person: Taylor M., HR

Job title: Festivities Lead – I help Taylor plan all True’s theme days and parties.

Hot Dog Lady Sleeping

(Working hard from Taylor’s lap, I swear.)

Time at True: 1 year, 6 months

Favorite True products: The Rustic Farmhouse Wood-Bound Slate Board paired with the Rustic Farmhouse Gourmet Cheese Set.

Best Dog Friend: Oakley!

Favorite True moment: My favorite True moment didn’t actually happen at True but with my best friend from True, Oakley.  We spent a weekend at my cabin in Shelton, Washington this summer, swimming and sunbathing the entire time. Oakley is terrifically athletic! I’m a little jealous…


(That’s Oakley swimming.)

Lady Boating

(I prefer boating myself.)

Favorite activity: Snuggling, sleeping and hanging out with my humans.


(My humans are almost as pretty as I am! That’s Taylor, second from the left.)

Signature trick to get attention: Playing dead – everyone always pulls out their cameras to film me, they’re so impressed by my acting talents.

Hot Dog Lady

(How could you not want this face on film?)


Worst trouble I ever got into: One day my brother, Tristan the chocolate lab, knocked a huge unopened bag of pepperoni sticks down from the kitchen counter while my humans were out. When they came home they found me lying on the ground with the very last pepperoni stick in my mouth – I was so full that the most I could do was suck the juices out. My humans thought I was in a pretty pitiful state as is, so I didn’t get any additional punishment – my tummy was in the biggest trouble!


(I’m in the middle – Tristan is in front, oblivious to the camera.)

Fun fact: My fur used to be sleek and shiny but I had a bad reaction when I underwent anesthesia for a surgery, and it caused my fur to poof out like crazy. This (among a few other things) is why my family calls me Crazy Lady or Donna Pazza!

Lady Yawning


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