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You may know that True Brands recently acquired Collins, a Chicago-based line of mixers, syrups, and garnishes. Collins Brothers was founded in 1934, right as Prohibition ended, and it’s grown alongside the American cocktail tradition ever since. So why change now?

Well, consumers have changed. Healthy cocktails are on the rise, and millennials especially care about good nutrition as part of their daily lives. So we’ve updated Collins to get with the times, while still honoring its history of crafting American cocktail essentials. Read on to see how we’ve made Collins fresher and tastier than ever.

Listening tour: drinks you can depend on

To get the ball rolling, we asked regular people what they look for in a cocktail mixer. And they taught us a lot.

We learned that drinking at home is still social. “My friends come by unannounced, I want to have something to offer,” one interviewee said. Outdoor activities, like gardening or walking the dog, were also occasions for at-home drinking, but most of our panel talked about casual entertaining for friends.

We learned that cocktails are personal. The men interviewed feel that the people in their lives depend on them, and they’re attracted to dependability in their beverages. They like brands that show stability, longevity, and commitment—which, as a cocktail company with 80 years in the industry, was good news for us.

When it comes to ingredients, fewer and fresher is better

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As soon as you taste the reformulated Collins, you can tell you’re drinking something good. That’s because we’ve removed artificial flavoring, colors, and sweeteners from our mixers and syrups, letting the taste of from-scratch cocktails come through in every sip.

Collins garnishes have long been made with fresh vegetables and a pared-down ingredient list, a sensibility we’ve brought to the entire Collins line. Our new recipes include real sugar and fruit juices, no high fructose corn syrup, and natural flavors and coloring. We also worked with a professional bartender to build recipes that taste unique, complex, and well crafted.

Collins’ flavors are still on the sweet side, which most mainstream Americans prefer. People want quality, but they also want accessibility—they want drinks that taste good and aren’t hoity-toity about it. We’re proud to say that the reformulated Collins reflects these values.

Look good, feel good

collins 3Pictured: old old-fashioned.

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Pictured: new old-fashioned.

Collins’ branding has always been bold and simple. But we wanted our packaging to match the authentic flavors of our new recipes, so we took it old school. Collins’ rebranded packaging is inspired by a real vintage Collins bottle opener found in an antique shop in Washington state. We loved it: the sturdiness, the connection to Collins’ history, the classic American quality in its details.

Our new packaging sports classic typography modeled after the bottle opener’s engraved Collins logo. It’s elegant but approachable, making Collins stand out on shelves in a way that’s inviting to regular people.

“Just add vodka”

At the heart of these changes is the reason people buy Collins mixers in the first place: They make it easy to enjoy a good cocktail.

That’s why you’ll see “just add vodka” (or bourbon, or rum) on our redesigned packaging. We love that Collins puts great drinks in people’s hands with no frills, and we want consumers to get excited about how easy it can be. Our ingredients make it quick and cost-effective to enjoy quality cocktails at home, and at the end of the day, that’s what counts.

Explore Collins’ selection

Collins’ robust selection of mixers, syrups, and garnishes sets a new standard for home bar solutions. Find your flavor here and learn more about Collins here

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