Enter Our $1,000 Holiday Design Competition!


‘Tis the season for friendly competition! We’re having a Holiday Design Contest open to all you talented designers in the holiday spirit. Design a wine gift bag, standard gift bag or greeting card, and your design could win you $1,000 in cash – and a chance to be featured in our Holiday 2015 paper goods collection!


First Place:                         $1,000 cash prize

Second Place:                    $300 cash prize

Third Place:                        $150 cash prize

Submitted designs will be judged by a panel of True Fabrications experts and some of the industry’s most respected retailers in wine and spirits. Coverage of the competition designs will be featured here on our True blog and on our Twine Living blog. Winners will be announced on both blogs on January 15, 2015.

Download full contest details and templates in our Holiday Design Competition Submission Kit here:


Questions after reading? Contact us: contest@truefabrications.com.

Best of luck to all of you!

12 thoughts on “Enter Our $1,000 Holiday Design Competition!

    1. Hi Mo,

      Yes, the bags and card can have different designs, and you can do as many designs as you would like.

      And you are correct: when we print the final designs we will place our brand on the products ourselves, so you do not need to incorporate our name or brand in your design.

      Thank you for your questions and good luck to you!

      The True Team

  1. Can we submit 3D models of our designs? That would allow me to produce several quality works. Or are we encouraged to actually make them by hand?

    1. Hi Giovanny,

      Please use the template included in the Submission Kit, which can be downloaded from this post.

      Thank you for your question and good luck to you!

      The True Team

  2. hi , question … how many files( per person ) we can send for this competition? is there any limit ??? and also second question is for Designing a wine gift bag, gift bag or greeting card is there any subject? … or it can be about anything … (love, romance, birthday,baby shower … )may u help me with those questions ..

    1. Hi Ramelia,

      You may submit as many files as you like for this competition – no limit. There are also no subject guidelines – your designs can reference any subject including but not limited to the ones you mentioned here, or they can simply be general designs that work for any subject or occasion.

      The True Team

  3. do we need to email our files or mail ??? and what is the address for email or mail ??? and also what kind i format do u prefer ? jpg , tif , AI , OR IT DOESNOT MATTER ??/

    1. Hi Ramelia,

      You should use the template provided in the submission kit, then save and send your files in .pdf format. Please email your files to contest@truefabrications.com. You should also keep the original files in case you are selected as our winner.

      Thank you for your questions and good luck to you!

      The True Team

  4. Didn’t this used to say winners would be announced the 5th? Either way…now it says 15th, and it’s the 15th. What’s the deal?

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