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Sparkling Wine or Champagne? A Celebratory Primer.

Crop NYE

Champagne, by any other name, is typically a blend of of vibrant, high-acid wines blended down to create a house style that shouldn’t vary from year to year. While that is comforting when you’re looking for the old stand-by, smaller grower/producers are creating some vintage releases that are unique, vibrant, and still won’t break the bank. Look for champagne that is labeled RM (Recoltant Manipulant) and don’t be afraid to spend a couple dollars more than you might have on one of the big name Champagnes. The larger houses and distributors offer special incentives to retailers to offer these wines at small-losses, just to establish themselves as the champagne of choice. The return when buying RM wines should be two-fold; the retailer and the grower are getting paid, and you’re getting a wine that is hand-crafted and unique. Look for the vintage “Special Club” releases for wines that are typically affordable and are drinking well above above their price.

When looking outside of Champagne, there are terrific wines and terrific values. Franciacorta, Prosecco, and Moscato are all great options from Italy. Spain has their Cava, but beware the lowest priced bottles as they tend to be headaches waiting to happen. The Loire Valley has some incredible Samur Mousseaux, which is a Chenin Blanc perfect for seafood. Domestic wines are producing some excellent contenders, and offering them at very (very!) reasonable prices. Oregon and New Mexico (yes, really) are making some of our favorites.

So as you celebrate the New Year, think about exploring the versatility of these wines on a more regular basis. The bright acidity will cut through fats, and the toasty notes will come through in the finish. With bubbles becoming increasingly affordable, you can try them all and celebrate your way through the year!

National Game and Puzzle Week 2012

This year’s annual National Game and Puzzle Week is November 18th through the 24th, so gather your closest friends and family for some board game fun.

A perfect way to spend Thanksgiving week, a guaranteed great time while learning something new; ZinZig is the perfect game for you.  Grab 3 bottles of wine and up to 6 friends, and be the first to make it through the production process and up to the ZinZig Winery to win!

Compete individually or in teams, taste your way to the winning winery.  Along the way, players will avert disasters, swap and steal resources, and test how much they really know about wine. With over 250 trivia questions and blind wine tasting cards, ZinZig is the game that can be played over and over again.

ZinZig was designed by wine lovers for wine lovers. Drinking wine is a sensory experience and every aspect of the game was designed to replicate that. With trivia questions ranging in difficulty from novice to expert level, the game promises to be a good time for all oenophiles.

So, turn off the TV, unplug the phone, and pull out your ZinZig box; National Game and Puzzle Week is right around the corner.

A Glass of Red Wine a Day, Keeps The Doctor Away

I am sure you have heard red wine is good for your heart, but do you know why?

Many doctors agree a minimal amount of red wine each night can result in heart-healthy benefits, and it is because of resveratrol.

Resveratrol is a chemical found in various plants, including the skin of red grapes, and reaches the blood stream about 30 minutes after being consumed. It is an antioxidant that also has anti-inflammatory properties contributing to the heart-healthy benefits in red wines.

The effects of resveratrol were originally studied because of the French paradox, a puzzling fact that people in France, who enjoy a high-fat diet (rich cheeses and buttery croissants) seemed to suffer less heart disease than Americans.

After many studies, researchers believe that the amount of resveratrol in a glass of red wine each night may help prevent fat accumulation and reduce insulin resistance.  This can therefore lower bad cholesterol by protecting the lining of blood vessels, which lowers the risk of inflammation and clotting, preventing diabetes and obesity.

A four-ounce glass of wine is equivalent to one serving.  Generally speaking, men would benefit from consuming one to two glasses per day, while woman should consume just one serving per day to gain maximum benefits.  Those who consume three or more drinks per day increase their risk for “elevated serum triglycerides” (fat in the bloodstream), which can do long-term damage to the nerve cells in the liver and the pancreas.

So as the holidays approach, enjoy a glass or two of red wine guilt-free.

Find the Perfect Wine-Anytime, Anywhere

Have you ever walked through the wine aisle and had no idea what wine would complement the steaks you are marinating for dinner?  Or reminisced about that glass of wine you had last night that tasted of sweet red berries, plums, tomatoes and cherries but could not remember the name?

These top 5 apps will eliminate these problems right in the palm of your hand, and are perfect for every wine lover.

Wine Enthusiast Guide App has the ability to instantly transform your iPhone into a wine connoisseur.  Adding approximately 500 qualified reviews each month, the Wine Enthusiast Guide App gives you easy access to up-to-date details, ratings, reviews and retail prices for over 100,000 wines worldwide for $3.99.

Snap a photo of the label of your favorite bottle of wine and Snooth Wine App will do the rest.  This free image-based app can find wine stores near you, organize and store wines you have tasted and reviewed, or let’s you browse popular vintages.  Upgrade to Snooth Wine Pro for $4.99 to eliminate advertisements.

CellarApp has the ability organizes all the wines you love and the wines you hate by a list of names and vintages- your entire cellar in the palm of your hand for $4.99.

Hello Vino App is a free wine pairing and suggestion tool right at your fingertips.   Hello Vino offers an easy-to-use “Question & Answer” option giving you the ability to identify what wine to pair with a meal, buy for a special occasion, what is perfect for holidays or what flavor will satisfy your taste preferences at that moment.

Once you have decided what you are going to serve at your next dinner party, or what you want to order when you are out at that fancy dinner, be confident with how you are going to PairIt!  This interactive app for $4.99 suggests matches for over 180 varietals with 1,000 food items reducing all questions you may have about what to pair with your next dinner.

We would love to hear about your favorite wine apps!

The 4th Quarter is Just Around the Corner

Although temperatures may have you fooled that summer is still here, next week marks the beginning of the 4th quarter. We don’t have to tell you how important it is to be ready this time of year to capture as much business as possible. Here at True Fabrications, we’re getting prepared in order to service your business to our best abilities this holiday season.

Our Winter 2012 catalog has been out for a month and we hope you’ve had a chance to take a look at all of our new products. If you haven’t seen your copy of the winter catalog, please give us a call, and we will gladly send you a new one. We highly recommend taking a look at the new wine aerator line by Host Studios. Host has 2 different aerator styles that we will be featuring. The first aerator is the In bottle Deluxe Aerator and Pourer. The ease of in-bottle use, combined with exceptionable aerating capabilities make this a great gift for the holidays. The second host aerator is the Adjustable Aerator which features a dial that allows the wine drinker to dial in the exact hours of decanting time they would like the aerator to perform. Like every person’s tastes, every wine is different Using the Host aerators allows you to customize your level of aeration to make sure you enjoy the perfect glass, every time.

As you make your way through the catalog, we would also like to bring your attention to the addition of many new holiday and Christmas themed wine bags. Due to many requests from you, we went out of our way to create multiple pages of new wine bag designs. Enjoy!

Introducing Variable Aeration with HOST!

True Fabrications is thrilled to announce our new unique partnership with Seattle-based engineering and design firm, HOST Studios. HOST’s release of their first product, the Deluxe Aerator & Pourer, which boasts instant variable aeration, has already been a smash hit. We unveiled HOST two weeks ago at IHA’s International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago to a great response. With its delightfully gift-oriented packaging and incredible performance, no oenophile can go wrong with this item.

 We have had the pleasure of testing out this variable aerator first hand. Verdict? It delivers. Pour with a shallow tilt, which is perfect for lighter bodied reds, and taste your red wines open up slightly. Tilt a little more and be amazed as your robust reds instantly relax and go down smoother. We have even noticed an improvement in white wines at the steeper tilts. The beauty of this device is that you can perfectly aerate any glass of wine to your individual preference with every pour.

 How does this magic work? It’s called the Venturi Effect. As the wine flows through the device, a drop in pressure causes the wine to speed up and pull air in with it. Air mixes with the wine, resulting in instant decanting. HOST Studios scientifically measured the amount of oxygenation delivered by this aerator. Using the same methods as industry leading wine makers, they measured the amount of oxygen added to each glass of wine for each tilt setting. Coupled with extensive taste tests, they were able to determine which tilt angles are perfect for each wine varietal.

 See for yourself—hurry and be among the first to order HOST’s Deluxe Aerator & Pourer.


Deluxe Aerator & Pourer


Wine Travel Made Easy

The Bottle Bubble

As the snow starts to melt and people begin to come out of winter hibernation, it’s time to start preparing for tourists to start traveling again. Wine collectors everywhere will be purchasing bottle of wine to take home to remember their trips by. Whether it’s visiting a winery, or purchasing a hard to find bottle at a shop, tourists everywhere need to find a good way to bring home their purchase.

Before TSA restrictions were put in place, people could carry their wine on the plane. In today’s world, wine must be checked with luggage. However, airlines require that checked wine be sealed in a liquid tight container. True Fabrications has a solution to this security restriction. Wrapping your bottle in your clothes is both a risk for your clothing and against TSA rules. So, for customers traveling great distances, offer the Bottle Bubble as a solution to their transportation problems. Liquid tight via an adhesive seal and made from heavy duty bubble wrap, the single bottle and double bottle version will protect your customer’s wines all the way home.

We recommend checking out the bottle bubble for this spring and summer. It’s a great way to help your customers who need to travel with their wine.

True Fabrications Happenings: Make a Wish Foundation Gala

Henri and Nik had the pleasure of attending the Make-A-Wish Foundation Gala on Saturday as the representatives for True Fabrications. True Fabrications donated wine boxes and wine bags for their wine prize raffles and silent auction. The coordinators of the the Gala did a fantastic job. It was an amazing event both in its success as a fund raiser and also as a beautifully orchestrated event. The ballroom was gorgeous, the auction prizes were great, the volunteers were fun, and the children were inspirational!

One extremely successful silent auction event was their wall of wine. They deocrated a wall of wine with 150 bottles hidden inside some True Fabrications wine boxes. People that were interested would pay a fixed amount of money and pick out a box at random (without knowing what was inside). The wine was a surprise but it was a complete success. Both Henri and Nik got involved at the wall. Henri winning a very exciting 2005 Cakebread Cab, Nik did the same and won a less exciting bottle!

We just wanted to thank the Make-A-Wish Foundation for doing such great work in the community.


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