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Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

  1. 1. Metallic Holiday Stoppers;
  2. 2. Whirl Aerating Wine Glasses;
  3. 3. Classic Decanter;
  4. 4. Twist Adjustable Aerator;
  5. 5. Wine Stem Springs;
  6. 6. Festive Waiter’s Corkscrews;
  7. 7. Kingsley Penguin Corkscrew;
  8. 8. Digital Wine Thermometer;
  9. 9. Bottle Gift Box;
  10. 10. ZinZig Wine Tasting Trivia Game;
  11. 11. Eiffel Tower Cork Holder

Honor Your Wine by Decanting

decanters blog

Whether enjoying a cellared vintage, special occasion bottle, or everyday table wine, the one unifying trait is how beneficial decanting is. Aside from the obvious benefit of introducing oxygen and allowing a wine to reveal the layers beyond the first blush, there are other uses as well. The impressive style of presenting a decanted wine to your guests, no matter how casual the gathering, gives your wine a special place on the table – especially for the holiday season! It shows that you care enough to pay attention to the small details. When serving older vintages, you are able to reduce the amount of sediment that would otherwise end up in a glass. When serving younger vintages, a sneak peek is allowed, showing how a wine might evolve with time in the cellar.

When decanting, always take the time to decant older wines with a gentle hand, and don’t be afraid to use a little vigor with younger vintages. Certain whites benefit from decanting as well; youthful higher end Burgundy and Chablis, and the sweet wines of Sauternes almost always do well with a little air.

When wine is decanted, guests are more likely to finish the bottle rather than pour it back into the original container. So go ahead – pick up that extra bottle and enjoy!

A Real Must Have

True Fabrications and POPSUGAR teamed up this month to add a little something fresh and fun to POPSUGAR’s March Must Have Box, our very own Corkatoo Corkscrew.

POPSUGAR has over 20 million users, and continues to grow exponentially delivering “the biggest moments, the hottest trends and the best tips in entertainment, fashion, beauty, fitness, and food, and the ability to shop for it all, in one place.”  They also have the opportunity to subscribe to a monthly Must Have Box for just $35 a month.

The Must Have Box contains some of today’s hottest products hand-picked by the POPSUGAR editors, all revolving around a common theme for the month.  The boxes contain full-sized samples of must have beauty products, things for the home, fashion products and more, an entire box of goodies worth over $100.

For March, POPSUGAR featured some of the hottest spring product including the Corkatoo Corkscrew.  With raving reviews from a handful of bloggers, Corkatoo was a definite hit.  Beauty Info Zone called Corkatoo “the cutest item in the box” and the Girly Enthusiast claims to be “a little bit obsessed with the Corkatoo Corkscrew. It’s just friggen’ adorable.” Corkatoo Corkscrew is not only fun, but also function and truly is a must have!

Another Great Aeration Innovation

We have the first look at HOST Studio’s newest aeration innovation, the WHIRL aerating wine glass.

This brand new wine glass is nothing like you have ever used before.  The WHIRL is made of a shatter-proof plastic that has specific design elements to aerate your favorite wines right in the glass.

As you gently swirl the glass, wine runs along the three internal aeration ridges agitating the wine and introducing oxygen to the wine. This creates a perfect mixture of wine and air positively affecting the wine’s flavor.  The oxygen introduced by the act of swirling binds with the tannin molecules to make the wine seem softer and reducing sulfites as well.

Swirling a glass of wine also releases aromatic compounds into the air. Every wine has these fragrant aroma compounds, some wines more than others, depending on the structure and character of the grape, and releasing these compounds makes the varietal aromas more apparent and enjoyable on the nose.

HOST continues to surprise us with the hottest new products.  HOST is a high quality brand by True Fabrications that will stand above the rest. HOST works hard to engineer and perfect their products so that you can sit back, relax and revel in life’s small pleasures.

Be the first to have this great new product! Look for availability around May 1st.

Read All About It…

In an effort to make True Fabrications a one stop wine/bar accessory stop for retailers, we are constantly trying to add to our catalog of new products. We have a great product team that is always looking for something new to offer our customers. After all, our goal is to create an easy, hassle free shopping experience that allows you to spend less time thinking about accessories while at the same time allowing you to continually increase your earnings via our growing line of products. As our catalog continues to grow, certain sections can sometimes be overlooked. We wanted to take a moment to highlight the books within the True catalog.

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of wine looking to learn the basics, a foodie trying to find the best wine or beer for their meal, a home-mixologist wanting to recreate your favorite bar drinks, or you just want to know more about craft beer, we have the books for your customers. Offering books to your customers is just one more resource you can provide to people as they learn more about the expansive beverage world. As with any accessory, it’s also a great way to bring extra income into your store. Although the books we offer are all hand-picked, we wanted to highlight a few for your attention.

For those looking to learn more about wine, Karen MacNeil’s Wine Bible is one of the most read guides for all things wine. We high recommend this book to anyone looking to discover everything wine has to offer.

If you’re looking to dive a little deeper into wine, Consider John Hudelson’s Wine Faults. This book will explain the problems and complications that can arise in wine.

Finally, have you ever planned a meal and then been unsure about your wine/beer pairing? What to Drink With What You Eat tackles the world of beverage pairing with ease, featuring over 300 pages of pairing advice.

Our books make great gifts while providing interested customers with more information about the beverages they love. Consider bringing in a title or two to your store.

Have You Customized Yet?

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars trying to get their names out to the public. Whether it’s through radio, print, television, or internet, more visibility will obviously lead to more traffic and more sales. In the world of retail, customizing merchandise is a very easy and effective way to advertise your business. If you haven’t put your name or logo on a True Fabrications product yet, we highly recommend it.

Imprinting on a reusable product is a great way to develop brand recognition and customer loyalty. Where a radio spot or print space is good for one use, imprinting your name, number, and other information on a product like a corkscrew, is advertising that works again and again. See our truetap corkscrew with a large flat imprinting space. This is one of our most popular corkscrews for customization. If you sell a corkscrew with your name on the side, your customer will see your logo every time they open their drawer. Soon, once the customer needs to buy more wine, your business will be the first thing that pops into their head. Also, if a server or bartender purchases one of your custom products and takes it to his or her restaurant, your logo/name will be shown to countless guests every time they use the item. For those that own businesses in vacation spots, custom products make great souvenirs for tourists as well!

We highly recommend this inexpensive and effective way of advertising. True Fabrications offers a large selection of items for customization that keep on advertising long after your initial investment. With significantly lower minimums than most overseas printers, consider customization with True Fabrications as a great way to promote your business.

Customized Truetap Corkscrew

Everything You Need for a Special Valentine’s Day

At True Fabrications, we strive to make your shopping experience easy, efficient and meaningful. This includes helping you stock your store with the perfect gifts, tools and accessories for holidays and special occasions. According to an article discussing the US Economy, in 2011, Valentine’s Day shoppers spent almost $15.7 billion on their loved ones and significant others.  Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so stock up on some of our best-selling, red-themed products in preparation of cupid’s holiday.

True Fabrications Red Hearts Glitter Bag

The first must-have items are our selection of love-themed wine bags. Our red hearts glitter bag is sure to make an impression for anyone gifting a bottle of wine or champagne. For those with more of a classic taste, our heart paisley or juicy grapes bag is a sheer and simple way to merchandise any bottle. Our newest additions to our bag line are likely to make any fashionista swoon. Our line of designer purse wine bags have been fantastic sellers. They come in either a classic or bright set, and both have proven to be strong sellers.

As there is likely to be many of bottles of champagnes popped on the 14th, our best-selling champagne stopper  is a must-have.  If romance is in the air, our appropriately pink Dragonfly Corkscrew will serve as a cheerful and easy-to-use accessory for opening that Bordeaux bought specifically for the occasion.

True Fabrications Champagne Stopper

Finally, don’t forget to stock up on sweets. Our best-selling Brix Bites are the perfect chocolate for any wine lover. The milk chocolate pairs best with lighter reds and dessert wines while the extra dark pairs with the deepest reds. These items will make the shopping experience for your customers easy this Valentine’s Day. So, don’t miss out on sales possibilities from this lucrative, albeit, cheesy holiday.

What Are Those? Rocks? Glacier Rocks Demystified

As the True Fabrications catalog continues to expand, so does the breadth of our product variety. Of these products, the one item our sales staff fields frequent question about is our Glacier Rocks. Glacier Rocks arrived in the True Fabrications catalog during the middle of last summer. They have been one of the best selling products ever since. If you haven’t put a case of either the 6 stone or 9 stone sets in your store, you’re missing out.  For those who are not familiar with the product, we thought we would give you a little background on this best selling product.

One of the most common questions we receive is: “what are those cubes made of?” The answer: Soap stone from Finland. Why soapstone? Soapstone is a non-porous stone, meaning it won’t take on, or absorb any of the flavors from your drink. Because soapstone is non-porous, there is no need to put any kind of finish or sealant on the stone. So, the only thing you’re putting in your drink is a stone. The fact that soapstone can be natural without a finish makes it a popular stone for kitchen countertops.   

Another question we frequently receive is: “How do I use and maintain my glacier rocks?” To use your glacier rocks, simply put them in the freezer for 3-4 hours. Afterward, take them out and place them in the spirit of your choice. Be sure to not completely submerge the rocks in liquid as they are not going to chill a full glass the way an ice cube might. Fill your glass to a similar level as the image below. The rocks will chill your spirit without melting and diluting. When you’re finished, simply wash the Glacier Rocks in the sink and they are ready to be put back in the freezer. We recommend you refreeze your Glacier Rocks after you have finished your first drink as they will have a difficult time chilling a second round to the same temperature without being refrozen.

Finally, Glacier Rocks are not just for whiskey. Glacier Rocks are just as effective on other types of spirits as well. If you haven’t tried them out yet, we highly recommend putting a case in your store. The response has been overwhelming and we believe you will experience the same from your customers.

A Sommelier’s Best Friend: The Double-Hinged Corkscrew

In the midst of all the wine tools and accessories on the market, the most basic and perhaps most important is the corkscrew. Big, small, short, and tall, there is a corkscrew in every size, shape, and color. Each corkscrew has its benefits and drawbacks that can either help or hinder the user. For example, while the leverage and stability of the Countertop Corkscrew makes opening wine very easy, it’s not the most practical for someone who is opening wine on the go, like a waiter.

For ease, mobility, and price, the traditional waiter’s style corkscrew, often called a “wine key,” is still one of the most popular styles. However, not all waiter’s corkscrews are created equal. Picking the best corkscrew, like picking a “best” wine, is up to personal choice. However, for those that are not aware, we would like to explain the benefits of the double hinged waiter’s corkscrew.

With most waiter’s corkscrews, there are two steps. First, the worm is twisted into the cork. Second, the lever is used to ease the cork out of the bottle. The double hinged corkscrew features a second hinge that makes this process much easier. For those who have difficulty with waiter’s style corkscrews, the double hinge could be your answer.

Typically, with a single hinged corkscrew, the user needs to make sure the worm is far enough into the cork that they have enough leverage to ease the cork all the way out. However, if you over twist the corkscrew, you will be unable to place the hinge on the lip of the bottle.

This is where the double hinge corkscrew becomes superior to the single hinge. Notice the middle hinge on the image below. To use the second hinge, insert the worm into the bottle like a normal waiter’s corkscrew. Instead of having to remove the cork in one motion, rest the middle hinge on the lip of the bottle. Use this hinge to ease the cork partially out of the bottle. After the cork is 1/3 to 1/2 of the way out, use the hinge at the end to EASILY remove the cork from the bottle.

744 Action Double Hinge Corkscrew by True Fabrications

While insignificant sounding at first, the two piece hinge makes opening wine twice as easy. To visualize the difference, consider going up a flight of stairs one step at a time. It’s controlled, easy, and you could probably do it with your eyes closed. Now consider trying to jump up five steps at a time. Which one of these routes to the top sounds easier and less likely to end with injury?  The same is true for opening wine—the double hinged corkscrew allows for a nice, 2-part removal that is akin to climbing one step at a time whereas the single corkscrew is the equivalent to taking the leap. If you have trouble with waiter’s style corkscrews, give the double hinge a try!

Super Size Your Super Bowl With the Right Beer and Wine Accessories

Although the college football season has come to an end, there is still one big football game to go. The NFL’s Super Bowl XLVI is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to prepare your store. According to, 9 out of 10 households watch the Super Bowl. Because the game is so heavily followed, Super Bowl parties and consumption of food and drink are at an all time high. Are you ready to take full advantage of this big Q1 weekend?

Beer sales surrounding the 2 weeks prior to the Super Bowl are surpassed only by the Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween. Making sure that your beer section is stocked and your Super Bowl-related displays are ready, is essential for retail stores who want to get the most out of this mid-winter sales jump. Super Bowl viewers also consume an estimate 166 million pounds of food for the annual big game. When it comes to food and beverage, Super Bowl weekend is not one to be ignored.

Consider special displays that will cater to Super Bowl weekend. Have food and beer very clearly placed in the forefront of your store. This is also a great time to take advantage of some extra accessory sales. Place one of our convenient POP displays of Beer Bands next to your beer selection. The large margin on beer accessories is a great way to collect some extra revenue. For those who are a little more into utility, the Bottle Hammer Automatic Opener is a great tool to show beer lovers. Simply press the hammer down on the top of any bottle, and the Bottle Hammer effortlessly removes the cap. Finally, whether its Super Bowl season or not, having an inexpensive beer opening option near your register is a great idea. Our key chain openers come in 5 assorted colors and can fit conveniently in your pocket. Now is the time to start thinking about super bowl weekend. The sales possibilities from this game are not to be missed.

Key Chain Bottle Openers by True Fabrications