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Product: What’s in Our Pantry?

Local, local, local.

With customers across the United States, we carry products from producers nationwide, to ensure that everyone can not only sample all sorts of new and different items, but also find their own favorite local brands wherever they’re ordering from. For our own part, we love stocking our pantry shelves and bar carts with cocktail add-ins and mixers from the Pacific Northwest. Check out a few of our favorites – the ones we recommend time and time again no matter where you’re from.


Scrappy’s Bitters: Based right here in our hometown of Seattle, Scrappy’s is a truly handcrafted brand. It was founded by Seattle bartender Miles Thomas, who was simply convinced that bitters could be better. Using nothing but organic ingredients, eschewing oils, extracts and anything artificial, and zesting every shred of fresh citrus by hand, Scrappy’s inspects each and every batch meticulously before it receives its number. From grapefruit to lavender to cardamom to classic aromatic, every flavor packs a punch that takes cocktails to the next level.



Tillen Farms: Tillen Farms was founded in Washington’s fertile Yakima Valley as Hogue Farms, in connection with award-winning wine producers Hogue Cellars. When the wine label was sold to a much larger international distributor, longtime employees Tim and Helen Metzger kept the Farms operation local, changing its name to Tillen (a combination of the names of Tim, daughter Jill, and Helen) while maintaining its original recipes and focus on quality products. All of Tillen’s products are delicious, but the Crispy AsparagusHot and Spicy Beans, and juicy Bada Bing cherries are always local favorites.



Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings: Hands down some of the best bloody mary mixes we’ve tasted (and we’ve tasted a lot), Demitri’s line of 100% naturally flavored mixes offers something for everyone, including those who like their mary super-spicy (Chipotle & Habañero) and those who prefer an additional peppery flavor kick (Chilis & Peppers). You can also order rimming salts (Original or Bacon flavored – pretty hard to choose). Demitri himself got his start as a bartender in Seattle in the 80s and still calls Seattle home – we were thrilled when he stopped by to say hello during our HOST FREEZE launch party in September!



Everyday Gourmet: Everyday Gourmet operates out of Gervais, Oregon as a division of Bell Foods, which began its life in 1962 as one of the Willamette Valley’s largest cherry farms. Today the team is still going strong, constantly picking, pickling and packaging the best produce that the bountiful river valley has to offer. We especially love their all-natural Burgundy Maraschino Cherries (try them in a Manhattan), Spiced Green Beans and Spiced Pickled Asparagus.

Check out our complete line of mixers, food items and chocolates here!


Drink! 12-Themed Beverages for Super Bowl XLIX

Over here in Seattle, the city is practically dyed blue and green – the Seahawks are headed back to the Super Bowl! Gearing up for Sunday’s game, wide swaths of the region and nation alike are busy planning Super Bowl parties and menus.

On the drinks side, 12-themed beers, wines and spirits have surfaced from producers across western Washington (with a surprise nod also coming from Sixpoint Brewery in New York), and all make welcome additions whether you’re hosting a party yourself or bringing something to share. Check out the following:

  • Hilliard’s The 12th Can: The first brewery to answer local sports radio station KQR 950’s call for a beer dedicated to hardworking 12s, Seattle’s Hilliard’s launched their 12th Can before the start of last year’s Super Bowl-winning season and ended up producing about 12,000 cases of the pale ale in that season alone – nearly eight times as much as they expected to brew. This year, they brought the can back with a bet that  the Hawks would go all the way again. They also noted that the brew “pairs well with victory.”



  • Dick’s Brewing Company 12 Man Pale Ale: Another pale ale brewed “for the fan,” Dick’s Brewing Company’s 12 Man American Pale Ale is a popular local choice in pitchers and cans alike thanks to a low price point and widespread availability from September through February.



  • Sixpoint Brewery Beast Mode Porter: Across the country, on the outskirts of Patriots territory in Brooklyn, New York, Sixpoint has brewed a nod to the Northwest in its Beast Mode Porter, a dark, rich, complex and powerful take on the style.



  • Northwest Cellars Adagio and Serenade: Paying tribute to the pair of small earthquakes caused by stomping, cheering Seahawks fans during playoff games against the New Orleans Saints in 2011 and 2014, Northwest Cellars‘ fan labels include the quakes’ actual seismographic readings. The 2013 Adagio is comprised of Sauvignon Blanc balanced by Chardonnay, while the 2012 Serenade is largely made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. (Take advantage of this handy Super Bowl food and wine pairing tool to see what both the white and red will accompany best!)



  • White River Distillers 12 Whiskey, Gin and Vodka: Enumclaw’s White River Distillers offers a 12-themed rye whiskey and vodka of their own, and added a gin to the lineup as well. “Created by 12s for 12s,” the labels feature blue and green reflections of the Seattle skyline.

white river pink patiss


  • Heritage Distilling Company Batch No. 12 Bourbon, Rye and Vodka: Heritage’s Batch No. 12 line includes bourbon, rye and vodka. Both of the whiskeys (a fan can’t help but notice) are bottled at 92 proof – 12 above average.



Oh yeah, and don’t forget the Skittles. Cheers to Super Bowl XLIX!


Photographs from: Heritage Distilling Company, Do 206Skagit Food Coop, Twitter, Pink PatisserieCone & Steiner.