Tea-tox for the New Year: How to Drink Your Way to Health & Happiness

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New Year’s resolution: eat healthier.

Also New Year’s resolution: treat yo’self.

It’s that time of year when your customers start making resolutions. Yeah, they didn’t keep up with last year’s, but the past is the past! 2018 is gonna be different.

But what if you really made it different? What if you gave your customers the tools to do something fun and easy in 2018? Like live a healthier lifestyle while also incorporating delicious daily indulgence?

For achievable New Year’s resolutions, look no further than Pinky Up’s “tea-tox.” After the sugar rush of holiday treats, our dessert flavors are a gentle transition back to real life. And unlike holiday treats, the only thing you’ll get from enjoying Pinky Up every day is a healthier immune system.

Don’t trust us, trust science:

  • Tea has caffeine—but not too much. Caffeine gets a bad rap, but like most things, it’s fine in moderation. A little bit of caffeine delivers a much-needed boost of alertness and mental energy, and it’s easier on folks trying to quit coffee than going cold turkey.
  • It boosts your immune system. Black, green, and white teas all contain naturally occurring antioxidants, which strengthen your immune system when consumed daily.
  • The science doesn’t stop there! Tea can also help stave off heart attacks, decrease high blood pressure, and even fight certain cancers.
  • Tea is a zero-calorie delight. The tastes and smells of beloved classic teas come primarily from herbs and spices, so their calorie-free flavors never taste like skimping.
  • Pinky Up only tastes luxurious. Unlike a jade egg or ultra-expensive antioxidant fennel powder, the Pinky Up path to wellness starts at a wholesale price of $5.99 per tin

Planning a 2018 tea-tox is simple: all your customers have to do is incorporate a delicious cup of Tiramisu, Strawberry Shortcake, Confetti Cake, or Coconut Creme tea into their daily diet. Best of all, Pinky Up’s teas are so decadent that they’ll want to stick with the plan. No need for punishing stretch goals—a sustainably healthy lifestyle is just a mug away.

Our vision board for 2018 is full of rave reviews from your happier, healthier, tea-toxier customers. If your store doesn’t have a “New Year, New You” display, make one—and stock it with rose-gold tins of Pinky Up!DSC_8865

Tiramisu Tea and More – Your New Holiday Indulgence

No-guilt indulgences that actually taste like indulging

tea 1

The holidays are coming, bringing long winter evenings indoors and delicious, calorie-packed foodstuffs. We know what we’re supposed to do—eat salad first, use small plates, exercise restraint—but we have to admit we dream of something better. We dream of holiday indulgences that taste truly decadent, but don’t come with guilt.

And we’re not the only ones. 68% of Americans agree that the holidays are a time to indulge with good food. But over 40% of Americans also say they want to eat healthier this year than they have in the past.

tea 2

Luckily, Pinky Up knew this day would come (it’s called “every day” for us), and we’ve got the answer to this conundrum of holiday food trends.


Pinky Up’s holiday-ready dessert teas

Tea is a perfect low-cal dessert. Based on herbs, flowers, and spices, its flavors are naturally complex and delicate—but calorie-free, providing uncompromised taste with no guilt. Our dessert teas are scrumptious enough to stand on their own, but you can also incorporate them into popular tea-based recipes. Not only have drinks like the London Fog taken off in recent years, but tea is blossoming in other directions, appearing in cocktails, infused whipped creams, and even cookies.

tea 3

Pinky Up’s delighted to be part of the new trend. Our dessert teas bring playful, imaginative flavors to the holiday table, made from real stuff: real cocoa nibs, real fruit, real herbs, and natural flavoring.


Chocolate Mint: Organic rooibos, organic apple, organic peppermint, organic cocoa nibs, organic orange peel, natural flavoring.


Strawberry Shortcake: Black tea, brittle piece (sugar, hazelnut, invert, sugar), cinnamon, strawberry, natural flavoring.


Tiramisu: Black tea, cocoa nibs, white chocolate pieces (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, lactose, soy lecithin, natural vanilla), cinnamon, coffee beans, natural & artificial flavoring.

Pinky Up’s dessert flavors include Strawberry Shortcake, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mint, Confetti Cake, Creme Brulee, and Candied Apple. Find them all online.

Meet The New Collins

collins 1 

You may know that True Brands recently acquired Collins, a Chicago-based line of mixers, syrups, and garnishes. Collins Brothers was founded in 1934, right as Prohibition ended, and it’s grown alongside the American cocktail tradition ever since. So why change now?

Well, consumers have changed. Healthy cocktails are on the rise, and millennials especially care about good nutrition as part of their daily lives. So we’ve updated Collins to get with the times, while still honoring its history of crafting American cocktail essentials. Read on to see how we’ve made Collins fresher and tastier than ever.

Listening tour: drinks you can depend on

To get the ball rolling, we asked regular people what they look for in a cocktail mixer. And they taught us a lot.

We learned that drinking at home is still social. “My friends come by unannounced, I want to have something to offer,” one interviewee said. Outdoor activities, like gardening or walking the dog, were also occasions for at-home drinking, but most of our panel talked about casual entertaining for friends.

We learned that cocktails are personal. The men interviewed feel that the people in their lives depend on them, and they’re attracted to dependability in their beverages. They like brands that show stability, longevity, and commitment—which, as a cocktail company with 80 years in the industry, was good news for us.

When it comes to ingredients, fewer and fresher is better

collins 2

As soon as you taste the reformulated Collins, you can tell you’re drinking something good. That’s because we’ve removed artificial flavoring, colors, and sweeteners from our mixers and syrups, letting the taste of from-scratch cocktails come through in every sip.

Collins garnishes have long been made with fresh vegetables and a pared-down ingredient list, a sensibility we’ve brought to the entire Collins line. Our new recipes include real sugar and fruit juices, no high fructose corn syrup, and natural flavors and coloring. We also worked with a professional bartender to build recipes that taste unique, complex, and well crafted.

Collins’ flavors are still on the sweet side, which most mainstream Americans prefer. People want quality, but they also want accessibility—they want drinks that taste good and aren’t hoity-toity about it. We’re proud to say that the reformulated Collins reflects these values.

Look good, feel good

collins 3Pictured: old old-fashioned.

collins 4

Pictured: new old-fashioned.

Collins’ branding has always been bold and simple. But we wanted our packaging to match the authentic flavors of our new recipes, so we took it old school. Collins’ rebranded packaging is inspired by a real vintage Collins bottle opener found in an antique shop in Washington state. We loved it: the sturdiness, the connection to Collins’ history, the classic American quality in its details.

Our new packaging sports classic typography modeled after the bottle opener’s engraved Collins logo. It’s elegant but approachable, making Collins stand out on shelves in a way that’s inviting to regular people.

“Just add vodka”

At the heart of these changes is the reason people buy Collins mixers in the first place: They make it easy to enjoy a good cocktail.

That’s why you’ll see “just add vodka” (or bourbon, or rum) on our redesigned packaging. We love that Collins puts great drinks in people’s hands with no frills, and we want consumers to get excited about how easy it can be. Our ingredients make it quick and cost-effective to enjoy quality cocktails at home, and at the end of the day, that’s what counts.

Explore Collins’ selection

Collins’ robust selection of mixers, syrups, and garnishes sets a new standard for home bar solutions. Find your flavor here and learn more about Collins here

Trend Alert: Black Is Back


Black is back and trending for 2018. This year, look out for unusual suspects: paint trends, home appliances, and even wedding dresses are breaking with tradition and embracing the darkness.

What does that mean for you? As black makes its comeback, you may find yourself craving onyx hues. Matte and minimal, flashy and fashionable, or everyday indispensable, True Brands has your trend report on the many shades of black.

1) Make drinkware part of your decor

According to the Washington Post, black stainless steel appliances are growing in popularity. As their presence increases on Pinterest boards and in home decor publications, a painless way to try the trend is with coordinated black barware.

The Warren collection by Viski makes a stunning visual statement. These sleek black bar tools offer everything you need to make great-tasting cocktails, plus accessories for stylish serving.


2) Combine with copper

If strict minimalism isn’t your scene, try combining black with another foolproof design trend: copper. These highball glasses from Viski’s Raye collection do the trick—the smoked glass vessels have been dipped in copper, putting a sophisticated twist on an already-elevated look.


3) Accessorize

Black accessories can almost always be considered chic, but there was a special place for them at fashion weeks this year. Our bracelet flask and bowtie bottle opener necklace, both by Blush, do double duty: they keep you stylish, while bringing an extra dose of low-key fun to girls’ nights and gatherings.


4) Go techie chic (and quirky)

This bottle opener mimics the shape of a fob and comes with a ring for keeping keys organized. While it’s every bit as fun and useful as its bowtie necklace cousin, this bottle opener appeals to a wryer, tech-savvier giftee.


5) Put a retro spin on things

This Blush bottle stopper is two trends in one: not just elegant black, but the perennial favorite cat eye glasses. This distinct shape was made famous by Audrey Hepburn, and it’s come back in eyewear trends of the past few years. Shop with confidence—our homage to the cat eye looks flattering on any bottle shape.


6) Cover your basics

We love learning about what’s new, but let’s not forget the classics. This sturdy water bottle makes a great gift for him: not only can it be used every day, but its matte black appeals to those with a more understated style.


Spiegelau: Why is Spiegelau Sierra Nevada, Left Hand Brewing & Rogue Ales’ Go-To Beer Glass?

Can the shape of your glass really make that much difference to a beer’s flavor? For small-batch brewers like Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head, and Bells Brewery, the answer is a resounding “yes.”




These craft beer favorites worked with Spiegelau to develop specialized beer glasses that bring out the flavors of IPAs, stouts, and American wheat beers. Today, we’re diving deep to give you the information your customers want to know: How do these glasses work?


Anatomy of a Spiegelau Craft Beer Glass


  • Laser cut rim: Provides crisp, clean delivery in every sip.
  • Mouth opening: Wide mouth delivers beer evenly across palate, hitting the different palate “zones” that detect different flavors. This enhances mouthfeel and offers a harmony of sweetness and acidity. The wide mouth also allows you to fully experience a beer’s unique aromatics.
  • Thin walls: Maintains proper beer temperature longer. We think of thick walls as insulating, but in reality, they can transfer more heat into beer than a thin wall. Thick walls can also cause beers to lose their fizz faster.
  • Crystalline construction: Lead-free crystal offers purity and clarity, and is sturdy enough to be used in a glass much thinner than the standard pint glass. This thinner construction allows for greater flexibility in glass shape.

In general, wide mouth openings in beer glasses are correlated with aeration—the wider the mouth, the faster the beer goes flat. But Spiegelau solves that problem by adjusting the shape of each glass to suit the style of beer it’s meant for.


IPA Glass


ipa glass

Beer characteristics: Hoppy, citric, aromatic, a top-selling American craft beer

Standout features: Ridges assist with head retention by re-carbonating as you sip.

Developed with: Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada

Experts say: “[I]t acts a sort of olfactory cannon that shoots the hop, concentrates it, and pushes it towards your nose. It doesn’t just let it linger on the top of the beer in the glass.”

American IPAs stand out because of their bold, hops-driven flavor. A common woe for the IPA drinker is head retention and loss of fizz. Spiegelau’s IPA glass addresses both with a series of ridges, which re-carbonates the beer as you sip and promotes better head.

Here’s a tip: Advise your customers not to fill a Spiegelau glass all the way. Glasses should be slightly less than full to give you room to appreciate the beer’s aroma.


Stout Glass


Beer characteristics: Roasty, rich mouthfeel, bold flavors include coffee and chocolate

Standout features: Angle of the rim consolidates aroma to maximize enjoyment of a stout’s complex flavor profile.

Developed with: Left Hand Brewing Company, Rogue Ales

Experts say: “A revolution in glassware.”

Stouts have a lot going on. Their flavor profiles are deep and complex, spanning notes like cocoa, espresso, cherries, prunes, and even tar. Roasted barley gives them their signature dark hue and caramelized taste. And they feel thick, sometimes even chewy, as you swallow.

Spiegelau compliments stouts’ richness with a carefully angled rim, which focuses the beer’s aroma to heighten appreciation of its flavor. It’s a simple, but crucial design choice that puts the smallest distance possible between you and the stout.


American Wheat Beer Glass

wietbier 2

Beer characteristics: Subtle, refreshing, high carbonation, easy drinking

Standout features: Capacious bowl retains wheat beer aromas

Developed with: Bells Brewery

Experts say: “I was really surprised at the ability of this bowl shape to both capture and focus […] a reservoir of aroma.” “Taste it the way we intended it to.”

American wheat beers are a well-known gateway brew: they’re light and refreshing, which makes them accessible to a wide range of palates. But sometimes, the delicate aromas of wheat beer can be lost altogether.

Spiegelau’s American wheat beer glass has a wide bowl preserves the beer’s fragrances, while its smooth interior and angled lip delivers those fragrances straight to the nostrils.


The secret to a great beer glass: passion and science

Spiegelau’s craft beer glasses were made possible through a unique collaboration with brewers who are outstanding in their field. To learn more about the process, or to get an in-depth look at how an individual glass was designed, watch Spiegelau’s video series:


Now that you’ve learned why Spiegelau glasses deliver an unparalleled drinking experience, we hope your customers will get more out of their beer purchases (and view you as a craft beer rock star). Whether they’re newcomers to the world of craft beers or old pros, everyone deserves to enjoy these beverages as they were meant to be tasted.


True Story: Angella W.


This is True Stories, where you’ll meet the people that anchor True Fabrications! Check out our last profile here, and check back soon for more True Stories and Dogs of True!

Name: Angella W. (a.k.a. Alien Angella)

Job Title: Graphic Designer

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Time at True: 3 years

Favorite place in Seattle to take visitors: The White Horse Trading Co. in Pike Place Market. It’s a dark and cozy British style pub that looks like an I Spy book. The ceiling and walls are covered in random objects like swords, keys and flowers. You might even get a chance to meet the owner’s Irish Wolfhound – the largest dog I’ve ever seen!

Favorite True product: The Beerzilla Bottle Openers and Moby Whale Bottle Opener. The red bear-devil is always stuck to my fridge and I keep Moby on top of a stack of vintage books. One of those books is titled The Whale. I thought it was funny.

Approximate number of True products in your house: 26 proprietary items not including wine bags!

Favorite drink: I’m a sucker for the sweet stuff. Manischewitz, sweet tea with vodka and lemonade, and anything with Bailey’s or chocolate liqueur. Basically I drink candy.

One unusual item on your desk: Work desk – lumpy, adorable animals made out of silicone putty. Home desk – a miniature cabinet of thimbles.

Favorite moment at True: At our 2014 holiday party, a bunch of my True friends made it snow for me! I jokingly said that I wish it would snow a few weeks before and, like Santa, they made it happen by hand cutting paper into a million “snowflakes”. McKenna even cut her finger by accident and bled on a few snowflakes – a true testament of friendship. They sat me down on a chair and gently dumped it over my head. It was magical.

Song stuck in your head right now: The one I just made up. It doesn’t have words.

What’s the last thing you took a picture of? My dog Curie on the beach!


Drink! 12-Themed Beverages for Super Bowl XLIX

Over here in Seattle, the city is practically dyed blue and green – the Seahawks are headed back to the Super Bowl! Gearing up for Sunday’s game, wide swaths of the region and nation alike are busy planning Super Bowl parties and menus.

On the drinks side, 12-themed beers, wines and spirits have surfaced from producers across western Washington (with a surprise nod also coming from Sixpoint Brewery in New York), and all make welcome additions whether you’re hosting a party yourself or bringing something to share. Check out the following:

  • Hilliard’s The 12th Can: The first brewery to answer local sports radio station KQR 950’s call for a beer dedicated to hardworking 12s, Seattle’s Hilliard’s launched their 12th Can before the start of last year’s Super Bowl-winning season and ended up producing about 12,000 cases of the pale ale in that season alone – nearly eight times as much as they expected to brew. This year, they brought the can back with a bet that  the Hawks would go all the way again. They also noted that the brew “pairs well with victory.”



  • Dick’s Brewing Company 12 Man Pale Ale: Another pale ale brewed “for the fan,” Dick’s Brewing Company’s 12 Man American Pale Ale is a popular local choice in pitchers and cans alike thanks to a low price point and widespread availability from September through February.



  • Sixpoint Brewery Beast Mode Porter: Across the country, on the outskirts of Patriots territory in Brooklyn, New York, Sixpoint has brewed a nod to the Northwest in its Beast Mode Porter, a dark, rich, complex and powerful take on the style.



  • Northwest Cellars Adagio and Serenade: Paying tribute to the pair of small earthquakes caused by stomping, cheering Seahawks fans during playoff games against the New Orleans Saints in 2011 and 2014, Northwest Cellars‘ fan labels include the quakes’ actual seismographic readings. The 2013 Adagio is comprised of Sauvignon Blanc balanced by Chardonnay, while the 2012 Serenade is largely made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. (Take advantage of this handy Super Bowl food and wine pairing tool to see what both the white and red will accompany best!)



  • White River Distillers 12 Whiskey, Gin and Vodka: Enumclaw’s White River Distillers offers a 12-themed rye whiskey and vodka of their own, and added a gin to the lineup as well. “Created by 12s for 12s,” the labels feature blue and green reflections of the Seattle skyline.

white river pink patiss


  • Heritage Distilling Company Batch No. 12 Bourbon, Rye and Vodka: Heritage’s Batch No. 12 line includes bourbon, rye and vodka. Both of the whiskeys (a fan can’t help but notice) are bottled at 92 proof – 12 above average.



Oh yeah, and don’t forget the Skittles. Cheers to Super Bowl XLIX!


Photographs from: Heritage Distilling Company, Do 206Skagit Food Coop, Twitter, Pink PatisserieCone & Steiner.

Dogs of True: Lady

Meet Lady, assistant party planner and one of our many #DogsOfTrue!

Lady (3)

Name: Lady Lou Martin

Person: Taylor M., HR

Job title: Festivities Lead – I help Taylor plan all True’s theme days and parties.

Hot Dog Lady Sleeping

(Working hard from Taylor’s lap, I swear.)

Time at True: 1 year, 6 months

Favorite True products: The Rustic Farmhouse Wood-Bound Slate Board paired with the Rustic Farmhouse Gourmet Cheese Set.

Best Dog Friend: Oakley!

Favorite True moment: My favorite True moment didn’t actually happen at True but with my best friend from True, Oakley.  We spent a weekend at my cabin in Shelton, Washington this summer, swimming and sunbathing the entire time. Oakley is terrifically athletic! I’m a little jealous…


(That’s Oakley swimming.)

Lady Boating

(I prefer boating myself.)

Favorite activity: Snuggling, sleeping and hanging out with my humans.


(My humans are almost as pretty as I am! That’s Taylor, second from the left.)

Signature trick to get attention: Playing dead – everyone always pulls out their cameras to film me, they’re so impressed by my acting talents.

Hot Dog Lady

(How could you not want this face on film?)


Worst trouble I ever got into: One day my brother, Tristan the chocolate lab, knocked a huge unopened bag of pepperoni sticks down from the kitchen counter while my humans were out. When they came home they found me lying on the ground with the very last pepperoni stick in my mouth – I was so full that the most I could do was suck the juices out. My humans thought I was in a pretty pitiful state as is, so I didn’t get any additional punishment – my tummy was in the biggest trouble!


(I’m in the middle – Tristan is in front, oblivious to the camera.)

Fun fact: My fur used to be sleek and shiny but I had a bad reaction when I underwent anesthesia for a surgery, and it caused my fur to poof out like crazy. This (among a few other things) is why my family calls me Crazy Lady or Donna Pazza!

Lady Yawning


Follow me on Instagram @LadyLouMartin, and check back on the True Blog soon to meet my fellow #DogsOfTrue!


Be Merry! The 2015 Regional, National & International Beverage Event Calendar

Any given week or weekend, there are what seem like countless wine, beer and spirits festivals taking place across the country. The following is just a smattering (by no means complete) of some of the best local, regional and national beverage festivals, conferences and trade shows in the U.S., including a few notable international events. Whether you’re interested in attending seminars, tasting, networking, expanding your skill set, making business connections or simply having a great time, there’s something for absolutely everyone in 2015.

2015 Bev Calendar Map w Key


9 – Mar 27: The Boston Wine Festival – “The nation’s longest running wine and food festival.” – Boston, MA

23 – 24: Winter Brew Fest 2015 – The Brew Fest series also includes the San Diego Winter Brew Fest (San Diego, CA), as well as Summer (Denver, CO) and Fall (Raleigh, NC) Brew Fests. – Denver, CO

23 – 25: The 13th Annual St. Louis Food & Wine ExperienceSt. Louis, MO

24: Beer Dabbler Winter CarnivalSt. Paul, MN

27 – 29: Unified Wine & Grape Symposium – “The largest wine and grape industry trade show in North America.” – Sacramento, CA

29 – 31: Zinfandel Experience – “Zinfandel is a rising star. Reach out and grab it.” – San Francisco, CA

31: International Great Beer Expo – “The biggest names in international brewing will unite in cities throughout the Northeast” including Philadelphia, PA on May 30 and Long Island, NY on November 7. – Secaucus, NJ



6 – 8: Coffee Fest Atlanta 2015 – The first Coffee Fest in an annual series that continues June 5-7 in Chicago, IL and Oct 23-25 in Portland, OR. – Atlanta, GA

7: Cider Summit Chicago – The Cider Summit series also includes events in San Francisco (Apr 25), Portland and Seattle. – Chicago, IL

19 – 22: United States Coffee Championships – Including the U.S. Brewer’s Cup, U.S. Barista Championship, and U.S. Latte Art Championship. – Long Beach, CA

20 – Mar 1: Vancouver International Wine Festival – Canada’s premier wine show “will showcase 170 wineries from 14 countries…pouring 1750+ wines at 53 events to a projected 25,000 admissions.” – Vancouver, Canada

22: The Seattle Wine & Food ExperienceSeattle, WA

24 – 25: Oregon Wine Symposium – “The premier educational event and trade show for the Northwest wine community.” – Portland, OR

25: Whisky Live USA – The world’s premier whisky tasting show, with New York being one of nineteen Whisky Live events around the world. – New York, NY



1 – 2: Berlin International Spirits Competition – “The Berlin International Spirits Competition is the first major international spirits competition with trade only judges.” – Berlin, Germany

4 – 8: Charleston Wine + FoodCharleston, SC

10 – 12: Midwest Grape & Wine + Craft Brew Conference & Trade ShowSt. Charles, MO

13 – 15: Women of the Vine Global Symposium – True Fabrications’ Kyla Welsh will participate in this inaugural symposium as a featured panelist. – Napa, CA

15 – 17: ProWein International Trade Fair Wines & Spirits –Moving to new halls in 2015 to provide exhibitors with more space for innovation. – Dusseldorf, Germany

17 – 19: Eastern Winery Exposition – The True team will be in attendance along with Eastern U.S. and Canadian wine industry professionals. – Syracuse, NY

20 – 21: Extreme Beer Fest – “The ultimate throwdown of craft beer creativity.” – Boston, MA

21: Pinot Days – The largest gathering of Pinot Noir producers in the world (continued in San Francisco on June 20 and Los Angeles on November 14). – Chicago, IL

21 – 22: 10th Annual Coffee & Tea FestivalNew York, NY

22 – 25: Vinitaly InternationalVerona, Italy

26 – 29: Taste Washington – “The nation’s largest single-region wine and food event.” – Seattle, WA

28: Northern Lights Rare Beer FestivalSt. Paul, MN

28: Whiskies of the World ExpoSan Francisco, CA

30 – April 2: American Distilling Institute Annual Spirits Conference & Vendor ExpoLouisville, KY

31 – Apr 1: Nightclub & Bar Convention & Trade ShowLas Vegas, NV



9 – 12: The Specialty Coffee Association of America Event – In its twenty-seventh year, the SCAA’s annual conference is so ubiquitous that it is known only as “The Event.” – Seattle, WA

10: WhiskeyFest Chicago – “The longest-running and best-attended whisky festival in the U.S. [with] a selection of more than 300 whiskies from around the world.” Continued in New York, NY (Sept 24) and San Francisco, CA (Oct 30). – Chicago, IL

12 – 15: Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 72nd Annual Convention & ExpositionOrlando, FL

14 – 17: Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America – The True team will be in attendance along with over 10,000 brewing industry professionals. – Portland, OR

17 – 18: California Wine Festival – Orange County – The 2015 California Wine Festival is also continued in Santa Barbara, CA on July 16-18. – Dana Point, CA

17 – 19: Miami Rum Renaissance Festival – “The world’s largest gathering of rum producers, experts and enthusiasts.” – Miami, FL



6 – 8: Craft Beverage ExpoSanta Clara, CA

8: Harrisburg Wine Festival – One of the keystone events of Pennsylvania Wine Week, celebrated statewide. – Harrisburg, PA

8 – 9: WhiskeyTown USA – In its third year of exploding popularity, what was originally Whiskey Fest Northwest has been rebranded as WhiskeyTown USA and will continue opening its doors to an ever further-reaching audience. – Portland, OR

15 – 19: The Manhattan Cocktail ClassicNew York, NY

17 – 18: BAR 15 – Formerly The International Wine, Spirits & Beer Event. – Chicago, IL

20 – 23: New Orleans Wine & Food Experience – The twenty-second iteration of one of the culinary city’s best events. – New Orleans, LA



6: 21st Annual Mountain Brewers Beer FestIdaho Falls, ID

14: Savor Idaho 2015Boise, ID

14 – 18: Vinexpo 2015 – For the first time ever, the massive international conference and exhibition will highlight a “special guest” country – this year, the U.S., “because it is the number one consumer market for wines in the world.” – Bordeaux, France

15 – 19: American Society for Enology & Viticulture National Conference – The 66th annual ASEV National Conference. – Portland, OR

18 – 20: Celebrate Walla Walla Valley Wine – Incorporating Walla Walla and international winemakers alike, each year focuses on a different varietal, 2015’s being merlot. – Walla Walla, WA

19 – 20: International Beer Fest – Brings 350 beers from over 100 breweries including hard ciders, firkin samples and “Bonus Brews.” The city also hosts International Wine Fest (Nov 14 – 15). – Fairfield, OH



15 – 19: Tales of the Cocktail – “Five days of seminars, tastings, product launches, competitions, networking events and so much more at the world’s premier professional cocktail event.” – New Orleans, LA

25: Milwaukee BrewfestMilwaukee, WI

29 – 31: INDY International Wine Competition – “The largest scientifically organized and independent wine competition in the United States.” – West Lafayette, IN



16: Tap + Cork Beer & Wine Festival – Hosted by creative beverage hotbed Brooklyn, the fest features food trucks, DJs, and “seasonal breweries and wineries.” – Brooklyn, NY

22 – 23: San Diego Spirits Festival – “It’s all about cocktails, culinary and culture.” – San Diego, CA

29 – 31: Los Angeles Times’ The Taste 2015Los Angeles, CA



8 – 10: The Moscow Bar ShowMoscow, Russia

9 – 12: St. Augustine Spanish Wine FestivalSt. Augustine, FL

18 – 20: Oktoberfest Zinzinnati – The United States’ largest Oktoberfest reels in a half-million people and commences annually with the “Running of the Wieners” Dachshund race. – Cincinnati, OH

18 – 21: Frankenmuth Oktoberfest – The only Oktoberfest outside of Munich officially sanctioned by the German parliament. – Frankenmuth, MI

19: Autumn Brew Review – The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild hosts one of the state’s largest beer fests, which brings over 100 breweries and over 3,000 attendees from across the U.S. – Minneapolis, MN

19 – Oct 4: Oktoberfest – The 182-year-old event is the world’s largest festival of any kind. – Munich, Germany

20-21 – Tokyo International Bar Show – In only its third year, the international event brings together many of the world’s best bartenders and bar owners for a variety of programming including the Nadeshiko Lady Bartending Championship. – Tokyo, Japan

24 – 26: Great American Beer Festival – Founded in 1982, this annual event “represents the largest collection of U.S. beer ever served.” – Denver, CO



7 – 10: Master Brewers Association of the Americas Annual ConferenceJacksonville, FL

13 – 16: VITeff – The Sparkling Wine ExhibitionEpernay, France

16 – 18: TASTE Festival of Food, Wine & SpiritsValley Forge, PA



3 – 6: SIMEI International Enological & Bottling Equipment ExhibitionMilan, Italy

12 – ROOTSTOCK – “A revolutionary conference designed for top quality grapegrowers, vineyard and winery owners, and winemakers worldwide.” – Napa, CA



3 – North Coast Wine Industry Expo – In its fourth year this expo is already one of the largest wine industry shows in North America. – Santa Rosa, CA

4 – 6: WinExpo 2015: 15th Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Exhibition – One of two annual Winexpo iterations in Shanghai (the other running from May 8-10). – Shanghai, China


Which of these fests are you looking forward to? Which have you attended? Let us know in the comments!


Our Holiday Design Competition Winners!

At long last, the results are in. You’ve been waiting patiently to find out the winners of our Holiday Design Competition, and we’ve been deliberating them right down to the wire.

Holiday Contest Winners

It was incredibly tough to choose from among so many fantastic submissions of wine bags, gift bags and greeting cards alike, and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. With input from a panel of True Fabrications representatives and industry experts, we considered every entry carefully before reaching our final decision. As promised, here are the competition winners!

First Place: Gift bag by Lilia B. (Burbank, Calif.)
Lilia will receive a $1,000 cash prize, and her design will go into production to be featured in our Holiday 2015 paper goods collection.

Second Place: “Feeling Foxy” card by Heidi K. (Seattle, Wash.)
Heidi will receive a $300 cash prize.

Third Place: “Warmest Wishes” card by Laura S. (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Laura will receive a $150 cash prize.

Again, thank you to all our participants and congratulations to our winners! Winners will be contacted individually by email.

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The True Team